Baby Massage Instructor diploma course
by Ingrid Perrin

Are you a qualified massage or beauty therapist wondering what else to add to your thriving practice?

Would you like to gain skills that allow you to deliver some enjoyable and worthwhile hands-off classes, where you’d be working either one-to-one or with groups?

I have devised a new course which might be of interest. Please read on! 

My new Baby Massage Instructor diploma is written for qualified massage therapists who would like to expand their client pool to include parents of new babies. Baby massage has been known for many years to be a valuable way for parents to strengthen the parent/baby bond at a time when they are exhausted, may feel isolated and may be lacking in confidence, perhaps without any family or friends nearby who could support them.

By offering these classes you will be adding an activity which is absolutely perfect for when parents just want to sit, chat with new parent friends and learn an easy massage routine. It really is the perfect first class for when a new family member arrives.

It’s also ideal if you are already providing massage to pregnant clients and want to maintain the connection when the baby arrives. Offering baby massage as a qualified massage therapist will set you apart from many others offering classes in your area.

The diploma course is delivered with a mixture of reading the manual in your own time (no written work required at this point although you can make a start if you wish). Once you enrol, the manual is emailed to you in advance of the practical part of the course.

Read on below for further info about becoming a baby massage instructor, or click here if you are looking to enrol you and your baby in a massage class.

Booking Information

Online dates :  Dates are offered online by agreement with the tutor, get in touch!

In Person dates :  To be announced, email me to get on the list and be the first to find out.

Cost :  £365 inclusive fee for Theory, Practical days and marking of written or recorded submissions

Prerequisites :  An accepted qualification in massage therapy or beauty therapy if including massage

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To enrol, please email or use the contact form.

Course Content

The course comprises three stages as follows –

Part One (Theory).

This is designed for you to study independently in your own time and at your own pace before attending Part Two (Practical).

  • It consists of 18 topics sent out in four sections.
  • Each section ends with several short multiple choice questions or requires short answers in your own words.
  • It is currently offered as a series of written worksheets with online tutor support.
  • Being familiar with the theory is the ideal preparation for the practical learning days.
  • It contains written exercises to check your knowledge at the end of each section.
  • Each section to be completed and returned before continuing with the next.
  • Please read through the cancellations and refunds policies.

Part Two (Practical).

A two-day course offered face-to-face or online. You will need your baby doll model for these days. We will –

  • Go through the theory contained in the manual.
  • Learn how to structure lessons for your own classes.
  • Learn about attachment theory and its implications for new parents.
  • Learn about baby reflexes.
  • Find out what behavioural states are.
  • Discuss why babies cry.
  • Find out how to be the best therapist we can be.
  • Devise a marketing strategy suitable for your own business.
  • Learn a unique massage routine for young babies.
  • Learn a short routine to address colic in babies.

There will be time for each participant to run part of a session demonstrating the massage and leading activities so you can feel confident to run your own classes for your case study.

You will need your own doll baby to demonstrate and practice with. Once you have enrolled I will send out the theory resources and I will advise on the type of doll that is recommended.

Once the practical days have been completed, there is a written part which you can complete over the following six months and then pending satisfactory completion of this part, you will be fully qualified to work as a baby massage instructor.

Part Three (Written Submission and case study).

Once the practical days have been taken there is a portfolio of written work to be submitted which includes –

  • One case study of five one-hour classes delivered to the same parent/carer/s and baby or babies.
  • A set of lesson plans.
  • Five paragraphs.
  • A reflective journal extract.

This section should be completed within six months of the end of the practical days.

This course is currently accredited by the FHT.

Most of the training this year (2021) will take place online in the form of home study (theory) and live Zoom webinars which will closely recreate the flexibility and community of in-person classes.


Why choose Baby Massage?

  • Baby massage is the ideal first activity for new parents. It is the perfect easy, low-stress class, perfect for when parents just want to sit, chat with other new parents and learn an easy massage routine.
  • Baby massage is a great way for parents to strengthen the parent/baby bond at a time when they are exhausted, and may feel isolated or lacking in confidence.
  • It’s a great class to offer your pregnancy massage clients when their baby arrives.
  • Offering baby massage as a qualified massage therapist will set you apart from many others offering classes in your area.
  • It gives you a way of connecting with your community and bringing joy!

Why choose this course?

Accreditation: This course is accredited by the FHT.

Flexibility: You can work at your own pace, with flexibility for studying and completing written work. If you are in a hurry, you can qualify in 6-8 weeks including the submission and marking of written work and the completion of five case studies.

If you have other projects and a busy life to deal with, you have six months to complete your written submission.

The course can be delivered in-person, or through a hybrid of home study and live Zoom webinars.

Online classes are offered at set dates but can also be run at additional times by request, with the agreement of the tutor.

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How do I pay?

The first payment of £100 is a deposit which is refundable in limited circumstances (please see TCs below).
This payment secures your place on the in-person practical days providing the balance is paid as follows. The balance is to be paid no later than two weeks from the start of the practical days. A split payment can be arranged for your convenience if wished, in agreement with the tutor. Please contact me at the time of booking if this applies.

Do I need any equipment?

You will need to purchase a baby model doll for practise and demonstration purposes, and to run your own classes after qualifying. I can supply this if necessary for any face-to-face classes, or let you know where you can purchase your own directly from the supplier.
In your practice you will need simple floor mats and bottles of oil, but these will be provided in any face-to-face classes for your use.

To enrol or ask anything else, please email or use the contact form.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are for the Baby Massage Instructor Diploma by Ingrid Perrin.

Cancellation Policy for face-to-face courses

You may request a refund within two weeks of booking if you change your mind and your
money will be refunded in full.
You may request a change of dates up to 14 days before the first date of the course that you
have booked, but you are no longer eligible for a refund.
After two weeks prior to the first course date it will not be possible to guarantee a change of
dates or offer a refund. However, if your place can be filled from the waiting list, it will then
be possible to offer alternative dates.
If the course is cancelled due to low numbers or tutor illness, a transfer or refund will be


Please do not attend a course in person if:
– You have been in close contact with someone with coronavirus within the past 14 days.
– You have any of the symptoms associated with coronavirus including fever, a cough, the
loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath.
– You have a fever.
– You have a contagious disease.
Where possible, alternative dates will be offered when you are well again.

Cancellation for online courses

Refunds are offered as per face-to-face classes and your access to the online webinars will be voided. Refunds cannot be issued once you return the completed first section of Part One Theory. It won’t be possible to offer refunds or guarantee alternative practical dates after this stage. Requests for changes will be considered but final decisions are at the discretion of the tutor.
Changes between online and face-to-face courses.
A swap between online and face-to-face sessions may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please contact me as soon as possible if you wish to make a change in this way.
Where face-to-face courses can’t be offered, an alternative online course is offered. Most of the training this year (2021) will take place online in the form of home study (theory) and live Zoom webinars which will closely recreate the flexibility and community of in-person classes.